Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 5 Challenge

A while back I posted a topic regarding creating sort of an animation challenge that would be held at least once a week at the 11secondclub animation forum site. The others seemed to like it and right away a whole new forum section was created for it. Though I am not personally running the challenge right now, I am still proud that an idea of mine was put to use. People will animate and they will be critiqued. This is a great way to improve animations.

The challenges start from a topic relatively simple, then will eventually progress into more complicated shots like character interaction. Week 5 challenge was doing a walk of any kind. I sneaked this one in during work. I wished I polished it more though. I didn't get to animate the head and fix some of the overlap on the feet and hands. Maybe Ill go back into the scene file and make the revisions sometime...

Here's my entry:

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