Friday, April 29, 2011

iPad 2 and other stuff

So I finally got a hold of an ipad 2 after my 5th attempt. I know, I know... Why didn't I just buy it online? Well, studying at iAnimate, making rigs, and Skype time with my girlfriend who is 12 thousand miles away keeps me indoors. Going to the apple store to line up with a hundred other people makes for a good opportunity to socialize with others face to face. There was one thing I noticed: Being hidden from the suns reach pushes me realize how interesting outside really is and that I need more of it. When you take something out of your daily habit, you start to look with fresh eyes and a clear unbiased mind (just like animation). You'll notice how the person next to you on the bus presents himself even if he's just glancing about. A person with a commuting daily routine might look at that person just as another commuter clouding the mind of whats really there.

The iA site opened up today and everyone is pumped and ready to animate. I'm really starting to rush things. I haven't worked on my unfinished workshop 4 assignments and I need to get this Jackal rig finished and uploaded ASAP. I need to find a dialog piece to use for workshop 5. ahhh...

BTW.. the drawing up there was made with the artStudio app for ipad.. Its tough drawing with an ipad but i reckon i'll get use to it sooner or later...


  1. great Angelo, if just ipad would support flash i would buy it also to follow my iAnimate QnA from the beach....


  2. hey man.. theres an application for entering adobe and gotomeeting. gotomeeting donen't work with events so its useless for our purposes and adobe connect is like an iphone version. I hope they update it soon..