Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jackal Animation Test

As promised, I'd post my little jackal animation test when I finished it.. This took in all 3 days to animate..There are a few bits here and there that need to be addressed but I'll leave it at that for the mean time. I hadn't intended on actually finishing it or even make something nice but when i slapped in the golden poses, they seemed to work pretty well. There are a couple of things I need to fix but they're pretty minor. I'm proud to be rigging for iAnimate because, not only do we get more rigs to animate with, I feel I've started to really expand my understanding of character from a rigging stand point. During the course of iAnimate, students including myself find out things we wished were in rigs. It's a great way to get ideas for making characters because as a rigger, I think its most important that the characters are really easy to animate (aside from the aesthetics and appeal of characters). I had planned to finish my workshop 4 assignments this workshop break but I'm realizing that finishing Jackal is a much bigger task. I told Jason I'd get it done by the start of the next block so I'm going to have to hurry up with this. My assignments will have to wait until I get more free time.

hurtMe - Jackal Animation Test from Angelo Sta. Catalina on Vimeo.

So last workshop 4, I had Jamaal Bradley as my instructor. Even though we started the workshop off a little shake-y (due to technical issues and just getting use to one another), it was such a learning experience; especially nearing the end of the 14 week class. Jamaal took one of my shots and made my polish look like splining. He is pretty amazing especially when it comes to appeal and polish. After going through his class, I've come to realize how insanely hard feature quality animation is to achieve.

I'm psyched to start the next workshop. I've heard the 2 workshop instructors will be mike walling and ben rush. They're both passionate about animation and teaching so I'll be good where ever I land.

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  1. Wow that rig is awesome! And great test too man!
    I hope I can get back into iAnimate soon!