Monday, August 23, 2010

Animation Analyze 02

director - Sloppy! The dog could have seen that... He could have seen that!

network lady - uhh... who cares if the dog seens a boom mic?


for director:

Wants: To shoot the TV series as if it was real for the dog.
short term - capture the absolute life out of the dogs performance by
putting him in a what seems to be like a real scenerio
long term - capture the emotions in the dog what no man has ever seen
before and ultimately make the best dog TV series
Feelings: he is very passionate about the TV series he is working for.
he is upset and frustrated seeing the boom mic on tape
As if: An artist who looks at life differently and has his own world with his
work. (hans bacher)
Intentions: To let the crew realize they are doing a very crappy job that can
blow the cover of the very most important aspect of the film
-keeping the dog uninformed
Moment before: watching the take from the series and seeing the boom mic
right in the frame risking revealing the secret to the dog

Dialog - Sloppy! The dog could have seen that... He could have seen that!
Subtext - idiots! the show is put in danger! My art could have been ruined!
operative word - 2nd "seen"

the pause: after hearing the girl speak from behind, his subtext:
-who the hell is that?! how dare she speak out loud while i am talking?!


for Network Lady:

Wants: To get the director to fix his act and start producing unexpected more interesting series(threaten)
short term - make sure the do TV series is getting high ratings
long term - Make money for the network and become the leading tv
Feelings: upset that the ratings for the dog tv show are dropping
she thinks the directors methodology is uneffective and plain
As if: marketing agent... Its all about the money and nothing else
Intentions: threaten the director and other production people to make better
more money earning shows
Moment before: she has just heard the director ranting about the dog almost
seeing the boom mic

Dialog - uhh... who cares if the dog sees a boom mic?
Subtext - what a one cares about the dog seeing the boom mic?
operative word - "cares"


In another sense, you could look at this director guy who is so passionate about this work, the Dog tv series and he absolutely believe that the star must act believable and the only way to do that is to trick him(the dog) into perceving it as really real. He, the director is an artist and he is crazy making sure this concept of disinforming the dog is followed at all times. Now when that director sees his crew messing up like that (by puting the boom mic into sight of the dog), it drives him nuts. His crew has just put his life's passion at risk.

On top of all that, you see this girl who has the dare to speak out while the director is speaking. jeez! hes the director! hes the boss and hes the man! This girl asks a stupid question like that.. For someone already renouned and at such a high positioning, this is very insulting..

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  1. tkx, very useful stuff....

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  2. Wow this is awesome. Do you have any tips on how you Analyze for keys?


  3. Wow this is awesome. Do you have any tips on how you Analyze for keys?