Sunday, August 15, 2010

iAnimate Entrance Reel

Angelo Sta. Catalina Rough Reel for iAnimate School Enrollment Requirements from Angelo Sta. Catalina on Vimeo.

Here's a compilation of work I put together for iAnimate enrollement. I applied to go straight to semester 3 (close up acting animation). In order to skip semesters, you'll have to pass a reel showcasing your animation skill. The people from iAnimate will then review your work to see if your current skill was at the level it should be to get into the requested semester. Jason (iAnimate President) told me that my body mechanics was good. There were a few minor timing and spacing issues (probably the trampoline animation which I did almost 2 years ago) but wasn't a problem since they were small little details that could easily be fixed. Jason said I was a perfect candidate for semester 3 and I was really stoked about it especially when he mentioned at the webinar that only students with feature level body mechanics are eligible for semester 3. I was there at the iAnimate webinar yesterday and asked a bunch of questions regarding how the school works and Jason did a great job clearing everything up not only for me but for everyone else. So I've already enrolled and paid for semester 3 so im pretty excited to start. There's a new project at work though and I'm sure the studio will need my help so I guess it wouldn't hurt to freelance there until the project is finished. I'll have to change my sleeping schedule because I dont want to miss the iAnimate events.

For those who are interested in the topics that were clarified in the iAnimate webinar.. here it goes:

-iAnimate will have their own characters that will be rigged by Victor Vinyals (just about the most popular rigger on youtube.. search him and you'll see)

-iAnimate will always be Live (first pure animation school to do this) that way you can ask questions from your instructors while they are critiquing your work and interact with them.

-All iAnimate instructors are CURRENT feature film animators. Jason Ryan makes sure that all instructors are at par with what is needed to work in feature films. He does not want instructors who have worked on feature films in the past but arent working now because he says the demand for more skill is rapidly changing in a feature film environment.

-No student will be allowed to go on to the next semester if their work isnt feature film level. Students who have not attained feature quality work will be asked to take a semester off and redo all that was asked to do to get their work up to that level.

-Dreamworks will keep an eye on the best students of iAnimate.

-there will be community animators(including dreamworks supervising animator Jason Ryan) to help you and give you critiques on your work throughout the week.

*there are a lot more but these are the details that appeal to me and convinced me that now is the right time to improve my animations and now is the right time to enroll.

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