Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monthsary Animation

Its me and my girlfriend Majel's monthsary today (the 9th).. I thought I'd whip up an animation for her. It's far from perfect since my time working on it was very limited but it will do for now.. I'll try to go back and fix it when I have free time.

*notes to fix

-gotta fix some of the staggers (they dont look right at the moment)
-the second "momo" drops down as an accent.. I think it would look much clearer and more believable if it accented upwards
-I'd like to have step back again and smile after
-I'd like to show more of the subtext as well in the beginning where he might be a bit nervous at first
-elbow popping
-minor spacing issues

BTW, I did the voice of that as well so...

here's a QuickTime version if for any reason someone might want to dissect it.

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